Wye Adventures Complaints Policy

We define a complaint as when a person wishes to register their dissatisfaction with any aspect of the service they have received from Wye Adventures or the manner in which someone working for Wye Adventures/Wye Canoes has conducted themselves.

We take complaints extremely seriously and will do our utmost to resolve the problem. 

Complaints Procedure

  1. In the first instance we encourage the complainant to raise the matter directly with a member of the management Team, Stuart Wyley, Rowena Marsh or Glynn Lewis, problems can often stem from a misunderstanding or miscommunication and can be resolved face to face.
  2. If this is not acceptable of the person feels uncomfortable doing this or they feel they have not had a satisfactory outcome, then the complaint can be communicated directly to both or either of the Directors of Wye Canoes Ltd, either by telephone, in writing or by email.


Stuart Wyley (Child Protection Officer)

Wye Canoes Ltd


Symonds Yat



Tel: 07818443941

[email protected]


Glynn Lewis

Wye Canoes Ltd

[email protected]


Any complaint will receive careful consideration and, where necessary, we will seek clarification from any or all people involved.

Within a period of 28 days, we will notify the complainant of our findings and our actions, if any.

If the complaint is a child protection issue please contact Stuart Wyley (Child Protection Officer), Wye Canoes’ Child protection policy and procedures will take precedence and will be implemented immediately.