Canoe & Gorge Day

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The first half of the day will be taking one of the most spectacular Canoe Trips from Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat, the trip takes around 3 hours and will take you through some of the most stunning scenery in the Wye Valley and below the famous Symonds Yat viewpoint, then after lunch it’s off to a beautiful Welsh Gorge.

We provide your wetsuit and helmet, all you need is a swimming costume and a pair of old trainers and you are good to go. You will climb and crawl up through the gorgeous gorge, in stunning surroundings and led by highly experienced instructors you will be slowly and safely introduced to the fast growing sport of Gorge Walking or as it’s also called Gorge Scrambling. You will never be asked to something you don’t feel comfortable doing but for those who fancy a challenge there are plenty of plunge pools for that big leap. A fantastic day out.

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