Canoeing Intro

Tips for your adventure experience...

To Wear:


  • Trainers / walking boots / climbing shoes or similar (something you can swim in and will stay on your feet and sturdy for climbing) 
  • Waterproofs (at least an anorak in case it rains, ideally waterproof trousers too) 
  • Warm top (even in summer, if the sun goes in it can get cold) 
  • Warm trousers 
  • Hat (in summer a baseball cap or similar and if cold a woolly hat) 
  • Gloves (in cold weather) 


To bring (dry barrel):


  • Spare clothes 
  • Towel 
  • Drink (soft drink or water. For full day trips at least 1 litre per person) 
  • Food (biscuits etc are good. Try to avoid fresh items like chicken, fish etc that could spoil in the hot sun). We can supply ration packs if required. 
  • Any medication and allergy medicine (i.e. inhalers, epipens etc) 
  • Spare trainers or boots (for after the activity)  

We provide dry barrels and dry bags so you can keep your spare kit dry.  Other items you may find useful:

  1. If possible avoid wearing wellington boots (difficult to swim in). 
  2. If you wear glasses it’s a good idea to tie some string to them. 
  3. If it’s summer, then sun screen is a good idea. 
  4. Avoid taking expensive electronic devices or jewellery in the canoe. 


 If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to ask! 01600 890027 or email [email protected]

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